Effective teams and leadership

A team is a unit, and a human system. It’s the team that self-manages the work — often with other teams — to create the desired outcome. It’s the teams that are accountable for the value created. And it’s the team members that hold each other accountable as professionals. Finally, we shouldn’t forget the fun, be it at the office or remote :)

To keep myself on my toes and try out new ideas in practice, I’m always on the lookout for new books to read. These are just some examples of my favourite books on effective teams and leadership:

I’m only touching the surface here. It’s a blurred line, and fascinating stuff :) What are your favourite books on teams? Surprise me in the comments!

Originally published at https://www.akikoo.org on July 12, 2022.



Scrum Master, Agile practitioner and former UI Developer with 20+ years of international working experience from six European countries. Occasional Music Freak.

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